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tv   Journal  LINKTV  June 1, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> live from berlin, this is a journal. these are our top stories this hour. a suspect is arrested in france with connection at the murders -- of the murders at the jewish museum. five tell a been insurgents are swapped for one american soldier.
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prosecutors in france and belgium say a frenchman who has spent over a year in syria has claimed responsibility for last week's deadly shooting at the jewish museum anin brussels. mehdi nemmouche was arrested when he was in possession of firearms and a video where he allegedly claims to have carried out the attack that killed three people and left one other critically injured. this bus picked up at terminal on friday. he arrived in brussels when customs officials detained him. >> he was in possession of a lver, a rifle, and they go pro camera. all of these were used in the murder. takes credit for the brussels killings on a video file he was in possession of
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the. closed-circuit television cameras captured the moment of the attack. he was already known to authorities, he is believed to come into contact with radical islamist in prison before going to syria. he stayed more than a year in syria, and appears to have joined a group of terrorists. jewishor members of the community say they are afraid his arrest will not spell the end of anti-semitic attacks. >> the jewish immunity is relieved, but we all know that unfortunately he is not alone. >> hundreds of radicals have left europe, nearly 800 from france alone to join the syrian civil war. fears are mounting that they
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will use training acquired to carry out attacks when they return home. bowe bergdahl is in terminal after a -- if in germany after a prisoner exchange that release five tell a band detainees from guantánamo bay. doors bowehese bergdahl is undergoing medical treatment. and the administration release of the 28-year-old soldier, is assigned peace talks for the taliban. chuck hagel made a surprise trip to afghanistan on sunday. in a tv interview he said his country was interested in negotiations. >> we had engaged with the taliban up until 2012.
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they broke off those negotiations, we have had no formal relationship since then. openingis will be a new that can produce an agreement. outraged byns are the fact that five senior taliban fighters were released in exchange for bowe bergdahl. they say kidnappers will now be in bolding -- emboldened by knowing that the u.s. will negotiate with them. walls is moreess prisoners released it is obvious that this will have a negative impact on afghanistan security, and gives moral support to the taliban. family and friends are eagerly awaiting his return, but they will have to wait until the doctors in germany give him a clean bill of health. >> russia says it is holding talks with separatist in eastern
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ukraine to negotiate the release of monitor is being held by the group. the talks could take some time. fighting between the pro-russian rebels and the government troops continues. this footage is reportedly from area, there are no reports on how many were killed. sicily, theought to majority were reported to be from north africa and syria. italian officials say many people have made the crossing in the first five months of this all 2013. they have seen their popularity surge of the migrant members rise. luxembourg's former prime minister says that he you must not be blackmailed by britain.
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he made the comment in a germany newspaper interview after the british prime minister said his country could exit the bloc if jean-claude juncker is chosen as the next commission president. he contends that he has large support from other eu leaders. he was a top candidate for the conservatives who won last weekend european parliament elections. big questions are once again being asked about whether qatar thehe right country to host 2022 soccer world cup. there are claims that they have evidence of that he made massive bribes. is allegations that he for theirons of euros support in the bed. the money was allegedly
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transferred to the account of high-ranking fee for officials -- ififa officials. an ethics committee is looking into the matter. an executive member from germany have criticized the slow pace of the investigation saying that time is of the essence. the public wants answers after the world cup in brazil so they can finally and all of the speculation. recently, they said that using mistake, and are calling for a new venue. >> corruption allegations are not the only problem dogging their preparations. they have come under allegations that many foreign workers are being exploited. the germans prime minister had a few words to say during his visit. put onany's top diplomat
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a good show for the cameras. but he was in qatar to talk serious business. hea meeting with the emir expressed concern about the conditions of migrant workers in the state. >> whoever bids for major sporting event cannot just exciting an tournament. the worldwide opinion will be focused on the country, including labor conditions. qatar's economy is booming, but the labor has come under serious criticism and not just from germany. the human rights organization amnesty international says that migrant workers from low-wage countries are treated like cattle. 's under considerable strain. >> the eyes of the world are watching violations of human
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rights, and poor working conditions on many construction sites. militant groups and syria have isolated qatar throughout the area. the germans foreign minister proposed a way to restore trust. security forces made a strong showing in thailand on sunday as a part of the crackdown on the opposition that was followed by last month's military coup. the planned opposition gatherings gathered only a small turn out. >> uniformed and plainclothes police officers tried to stifle protest at a shopping mall in bangkok. law, political gatherings are legal. -- illegal.
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police officers and soldiers have locked up the streets in the capital. sharply,es have fallen no one is walking past. it is having an impact. >> the new military rulers want to quell opposition protest, which are often organized i social media networks. laws againsttrict it and demonstrators say they will not allow themselves to be intimidated. >> the meaning of this sign is that we are against the coup, we want democracy, and we do not want military control. >> these protesters have found a creative way to express their opposition. they are rather in groups of up to four people. the largest appointment of troops and police has done nothing to calm the discontent that many feel toward the
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government. now, philipp news kohlschreiber was tied when the third round match was suspended on saturday. but philipp kohlschreiber lost 10-12 in the final round. is also outrber latvian.oss to the now, he is only the second colombian writer ever to win a trophy -- rider ever to win a trophy. he reached the finish line with an overall lead of just under three minutes over his countrymen.
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won two stages across italy. there are 32 teams competing to be around world champions in brazil, and there is another trophy that is much coveted by the big-name players among the golden ball for the player of the tournament. it is voted by journalist covering the event. >> previous winners have included legends. after the 2010 world cup am a voted experts say those for mozilla are top contenders. -- from brazil are top contenders. >> he is constantly
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falling over. has already picked up numerous trophies during his career, but experts wonder whether the argentinian captain can lead his team to the world cup the three. -- victory. peak has reached his football age, but he has had a really bad year. >> cristiano ronaldo had a build illiant season. it will all depend on his performance. and they will be looking to help the teammates defend their title in spain. >> since he is brilliant at his game, he is sure to lay a big role -- play a big role. >> perhaps it will come from the
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german team. he is not in top form after an injury, and the captain is the working to recovery. -- philipos the has the best chances on the germans i'd. side. >> there are plenty of favorites to watch, or maybe someone new will rise to stardom. ban on smoking in bars and restaurants has come into effect in russia today. it is the latest measure under resin vladimir putin to promote healthier lifestyles in the country. an existing ban on smoking in public buildings has been expanded to include establishments serving food and drink, including hotels and trains. nearly 40% of russian adults smoke, that is one of the highest rates in the world.
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for us here on the journal, please join me for more. ♪ >> at the start of the working human leaders were left reeling after the far right cap the parties made huge gains in the elections. in france, the extreme right national front won the boat. -- vote. commonant to build up a front, a front that will defend the people and the nations against the european technocracy. britain, nigel came out in front. they are seeking to form their own right-wing group in parliament.
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altogether, ernie's critical of the eu took nearly 1/5 of the seats in parliament. the conservative european people's party is set to remain the strongest arty with 214 feet. the content for the presidency, jean-claude juncker, said that despite the gains they have not won the election. of them together, the socialists, the livebrt erals, they have clearly won the election. onesieal democrats also -- won seats. [applause] in ukraine, the billionaire businessman petro poroshenko was declared the out right winner of the presidential election. they gave him over 54% of the
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vote. he said his first priority would be to restore peace to the country. to moscow and out pro-russian forces in the east mud but he ruled out any talks with armed separatists. they are just killers, terrorists. if they want the support of these people, no way, no chance. militant separatists immediately took over the airport, and were responded to by airstrikes. killedds were reportedly in a fierce battle. francis rounded out his and to the wailing wall, laid a wreath at the memorial.
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during his flight back to the vatican he spoke out against child abuse in the catholic church, and promised zero tolerance for any member of the church is so sexually abuses a child. six weeks after the induction of more than 200 schoolgirls in nigeria, the country's army announced it had discovered where the children were being held. defenses chief of staff said it would be too risky to storm the location. others say they doubt the army location.exactly case said theis hollande far right said it is time to listen to the voters and make profound changes. >> the main demand is more growth, more jobs, and a reorientation of the european project. the meeting developed into a
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dispute over who should be the next mission president. arer new rules, eu leaders required to take into account the results of elections. the conservatives won the election, so their candidate, jean-claude juncker, would be the obvious choice. but he is opposed by britain and a number of other countries. the germans chancellor acknowledged he might not get the job, which led to accusations that the eu was not respecting voters wishes. epp ia member of the supported him as our candidate, but i have not forgotten that. i still have to respect european treaties. problem is, the lisbon treaty also states that a majority of eu leaders have to give their consent to the candidate. later in the week, she shifted her position saying she was in
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talks with other eu leaders with hope of securing his appointment. india's new prime minister met his pakistani counterpart on tuesday for talks that have raised hope of a possible thaw in relations. they talked about normalizing trade and relations, and rein in militants in pakistan. they hailed the talks as a historic opportunity, and described the meeting as warm and cordial. nuclear powers have been hard trial bolster decade and have fought three wars against the jobless -- hard right bolster decade and have fought three wars against each other. the case sparked national and international condemnation. woman, who was three months pregnant, had married a man against her family's wishes.
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a number of people have now been arrested. her husband accused police of standing by while his wife was killed. america must always lead on the world stage, that was the message from u.s. president barack obama on wednesday. he sought to redefine u.s. foreign-policy in a sweeping speech to the literary cadets, designed to silence critics who say his approach lacks cohesion. threat testifies a military response. >> my duty is to you and the country we love, if i ever sent you into harm's way sadly because i saw a problem somewhere in the world that , or it was be fixed worried about critics who say that military intervention is the only way to avoid looking weak. >> obama said the u.s. would
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refocus the war on terror. >> as we move to a train and advise mission in afghanistan, are reduced presence there allows us to more effectively address the emerging threats in the middle east and west africa. >> a fund would be set up to help fight terrorism around the world, but the speech did little to fight public perception. former nsa contractor edward snowden gave his first interview on u.s. television this week, almost one year after leaking thousands of classified american documents. he had acted to defend the u.s. constitution from violation by the government. important the most idea is to remember that there have been times throughout american history where what is right is not the same as what is legal.
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sometimes to do the right thing you have to break the law. >> snowden has been granted temporary asylum by russia, but said he had shared no information with the russian authorities. he said he would love to go back home to the u.s., but did not believe he could get a fair trial. 500 african migrants successfully stormed the spanish enclave in wednesday. a chunk of the six meter high border fence gave way, enabling migrants to cross onto spanish territory. tousands of migrants seek breach the border every year to gain entry into the european union. there was renewed anger in india this week over the treatment of women following a shocking case of rape and murder in the state. two teenage girls were found
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hanging from a tree after being gang raped in their village. the father of one of the girls said he had reported them missing the night before but the lease refused to help -- police refused to help. continue,ry protest the government has promised to investigate. army chiefformer celebrated his win in the election. he won over 96% of the vote. >> democracy took a hit in the selection, by many violations and a loss of neutrality. son of thiss a country and a man who loves the egyptian people. bethe turnout was said to 45%, even though voting was extended for a third day. it was not the sweeping mandates that he had hoped for.
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some liberals boycotted the vote, undermining the overall credibility of the election. presidentn council was awarded this year's charlemagne prize in germany. the prize is awarded for exceptional service and dedication to europe. hiscommittee said pragmatism and strong negotiating skills had helped guide the eu through the economic crisis and strengthened european unity. russian spacecraft brought the latest residence to the international space station on thursday. of the three member group included the germans as this is -- physicist. they will be carrying out major experiments, and somewhat more down-to-earth applications. >> they announced on friday that
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another five of its workers had gone missing in eastern ukraine, this is after four separatists had been -- workers had been kidnapped by separatists. -- armyrming you have removed separatists from around the region. >> i have been ordered to continue the campaign until they have all been removed. later on friday, the u.s. said that russia appeared to have taken a step to relieve tensions in the region by withdrawing around two thirds of its troops that were previously massed at the border with ukraine. people from over 150 nations set a record in the australian city of sydney on friday.
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